Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

AppointmentNotify is an online Patient Engagement Technology Platform that enables direct access between Patients and their care Providers and let's them manage their healthcare appointments in an efficient way. Among other benefits, Patients can use this Platform to seek appointments earlier than typically offered by Providers. Providers can increase their Practice revenue by reducing no-shows and late cancellations. Both Patients and their Providers can also securely communicate with each other in real-time.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of using AppointmentNotify for both Patients and Providers is seamless access to the healthcare system focusing on the very first step of engagement: seeking and managing healthcare appointments.
The team at AppointmentNotify strongly believes that this Platform can empower Patients and their Providers to re-invent the experience of accessing the healthcare system which in turn can help them gain positive health outcomes.
Security and Privacy of information is the top priority at AppointmentNotify. We utilize the latest security and encryption methods. The Platform itself is hosted on Amazon's HIPAA compliant infrastructure and services.
AppointmentNotify is for two types of users: Patients and Providers. The Providers can be further categorized into: Care Providers (Clinicians) like Doctors, Physicians, Nurses and anyone else who provides health care to patients. The Providers can also include nonClinicians such as: Medical Practice Front-Desk (Reception) Staff or Medical Administrators. The users of the Platform use it as described below:
Patients: Visit to search and seek appointments on-demand
Patients: Register, Login to their Platform account
Providers: Register, Login to their Platform account
It is simple. Visit and click on the button that says: "REGISTER" in the top-right corner. You can specify any email address as your sign-in id and choose a secure password followed by selecting if you are creating the account as a Patient or as a Provider. You will be asked to set up your Profile once you are registered with the Platform.
AppointmentNotify is mobile friendly as it uses Responsive web design technology. Unfortunately, being an early-stage startup, the small (but highly ambitious) team at AppointmentNotify has only been able to roll out a WebApp. A mobile app is currently in works and will be available in the near future.
Our aim is to offer a simple and easy-to-use tool to our Patient and Provider community to see if it serves their needs as far as seeking and managing appointments is concerned. That is the primary objective of this innovation. We will surely expand both the scope as well as services once we see that the community finds this Platform useful in fulfilling their needs.
No. AppointmentNotify does not offer any medical care or diagnostic service. It is a Platform that is meant to engage Patients with their Providers in a seamless fashion so that Providers can provide the best health care to Patients seeking them.
AppointmentNotify is currently available in English only. More languages shall be introduced in the future.
AppointmentNotify is currently targeted for roll out across the United States. Roll out to other countries could take place in the future.
The team at AppointmentNotify distinguishes Appointments from Requests for Appointments. Simply put, an Appointment is a slot in a Provider's calendar which is allocated to a Patient so that the Patient can seek medical consultation from that Provider. Every Patient is accustomed to using the term Appointment and Appointment slots in healthcare context interchangeably. A Requests for Appointment, on the other hand, is a term coined by AppointmentNotify to refer to certain actions that can be taken on an Appointment. These actions (Requests) include:
- BOOK: A Request to reserve an available appointment with a Provider
- CANCEL: A Request to cancel an existing appointment with a Provider
- RESCHEDULE: A Request to reschedule an existing appointment with a Provider
- WAIT LIST: A Request to get added to a Provider's Wait List to be considered for an appointment if and when one becomes available
The above stated actions are the heart and soul of the AppointmentNotify Platform. Actions performed on Appointments by Patients is what drives the Platform and helps Patients seek sooner appointments as well Providers to fill their appointment slots on an adhoc basis
The Wait List is simply a Wait List maintained by a Medical Practice Front-Desk Staff to record the names of Patients who have requested an earlier appoinment with a specific Provider if one becomes available.
When a Provider appoinment slot becomes available, the Practice FrontDesk Staff typically goes through this list reaching out to prospective patients one of whom could potentially fill that slot and agree to make an appoinment with that Provider.
Not every Provider supports a Wait List due to which Patients can never request placement on every Provider's appointment Wait List. AppointmentNotify felt its time for change and have, therefore, attempted to offer the concept of a universal Wait List to all its users so that each Patient can feel empowered to request getting placed on all their Providers' Wait Lists and all Providers can feel empowered to manage their own Wait List.
AppointmentNotify is a cross-browser Platform. It is also mobile-friendly and uses responsive design. AppointmentNotify can be best experienced using the following browsers:
Minimum Baseline (Version) 63.0 57.0.1 10.0.9200 45 10.1.2 15.15063
The above are the currently tested and minimum required versions for each of the popular browsers to have the best user experience with AppointmentNotify.
Answer: Yes, AppointmentNotify does make use of Cookies. Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies are widely used by online service providers in order to provide services and improve performance. You can learn more about cookies at:
You can email us at with your inquiry. We would love to know if you are a patient, a provider or a healthcare entity. Feel free to reach out even if you are not associated with any of the above. For immediate response, you can also ping us by initiating a live chat using the tawk icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. We will be delighted to help you and find an innovative solution to your needs.

FAQs for Patients

There is no cost to Patients. AppointmentNotify is a solution for Patients by Patients. We understand the pain points of patients and have attempted to devise a solution that is simple, useful and absolutely free for your use as a Patient
A Setup Wizard will guide the Patient user once the user registers with the Platform. The user will need to provide basic demographic information such as: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, residential address and contact information (email, phone etc.) The user will also choose a Platform user id. As part of our offering we do detect the zip code of the browser accessing the Platform to personalize the Providers around user's current location. The user can specify the zip code on the Platform Home Page to search Providers in a different area.
AppointmentNotify respects the privacy of Patient information. All the patient information is kept confidential and will only be shared with their selected Providers.
No. The initial release of this Platform is primarily focused on allowing Patients to reduce the lead time required to get/make an appointment and to empower them to consolidate all their Doctors, Medical Facilities and Appointment information into a single easily accessible cloud interface. The Patient could also communicate with their Doctor's office in realtime, if allowed by the Practice, to get answers to general questions related to their upcoming or past appointments and follow ups. There is no direct link between AppointmentNotify and a Medical Practice EHR/EMR system that stores Patient PHI (Personal Health Information) or any medical diagnostic information of the Patient. The Platform does allow both Patients and Providers to use an optional free-form editing field (called NOTES) available with each appointment where the user can record appointment-specific information. It is really up to the user to jot down anything they want to store in relation to the specific appointment instance.
Patients can also enter optional insurance and emergency contact information. AppointmentNotify does not store any bank or credit card information of Patients.
No. AppointmentNotify offers Patients to choose or specify various types of insurances (Medical, Dental, Vision etc.) in their Platform account only as a means for facilitating Patient to Provider communication. The Platform does not require Patients to have an insurance to use their account, however, your Provider might accept only certain insurance plans which is Patient's responsibility to confirm with their Provider before booking their first appointment as a new patient. Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance provider directly for any questions related to their health plan or coverages.
One of the things AppointmentNotify attempts to simplify for both Patients and Providers is to eliminate unnecessary waste due to missing or duplicate information. Since Patients (and not their Providers) are the ones who know their own insurance information, the Platform offers Patients to keep this information up-to-date in their AppointmentNotify account so they don't have to provide it every time they visit a new or existing Provider. Any changes to Patient Insurance Plans can then be communicated automatically to their Providers (If enabled by the Patient) by the Platform.
Yes and No. AppointmentNotify was designed to balance the appointment needs of Patients with that of Providers based on the principle of Demand and Supply. As such this Platform does not want to mimic a typical Patient Portal or any other Platform that displays their associated Provider's complete [available] appointment schedule. Instead, AppointmentNotify shows [on its home page:] appointments that have either been freed up (cancelled or rescheduled) by other Patients or are Posted directly by Providers due to ad-hoc changes in their Appointment Book. So in essence there could be appointments freed up by Patient users that are way out in the future which can then be sought by other Patient users of this Platform. Or it could be that the Platform offers appointments that are available the same day (today) or only a few days out from today. Whatever the case might be, the Platform empowers Patients to seek an appointment that suits their own schedule and Providers who can fill empty appointment slots on an ad-hoc basis by reaching a much wider pool of Patients through its appointment marketplace.
The important point to keep in mind when using AppointmentNotify is the Patient's need that in this day and age it is no longer enough to simply get an appointment with your Provider. What is more important is the fact that Patients would like to have an "earlier appointment". The goal of this Platform, therefore, is to enable Patients to seek an earlier appointment by engaging with their Providers in a more efficient way. We truly hope you (both the Patient as well as the Provider) appreciate this shift from traditional way of managing appointments and find our innovation beneficial!
Providers can have ad-hoc changes in their schedule. On such rare occasions, the Patients will automatically get notified of the change in their upcoming appointment status. In both cases (Cancel or Reschedule), the Provider will specify one or two new available times for the affected Patient to seek a new appointment from. The Patient can then choose to accept from one of the available times indicated by the Provider or choose to look up and select a new appointment (if available) with the same Provider from the Platform Home Page (
Good question! The answer warrants a bit of an explanation. In short, the launch release of AppointmentNotify does not make it mandatory for a Provider to expose its Appointment Management System. If a Provider wishes to expose their existing system to AppointmentNotify then they could do so using the public API offered by AppointmentNotify. However, in the absence of that, the Patient appointments are not sourced through the Provider Appointment Management System. Instead, to better engage Patients and to empower them to take actions on their own appointments, this Platform offers Patients to add or import their existing appointments to their AppointmentNotify account themselves. So if a Patient is used to manually recording their existing appointments, then they can manually add them to their AppointmentNotify account. If a Patient is used to recording them in a popular third-party Calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal) then they could simply import those existing appointments from within their AppointmentNotify account. If Patients typically use different Patient Portals for various Providers then they could simply use AppointmentNotify as a unified Platform to record all their appointments across all their Providers by manually adding them.
Any new appointments obtained from a Provider outside AppointmentNotify can be added by the Patients in the same way to their AppointmentNotify account.
Recording Past appointments (from the time a Patient registers with and starts using AppointmentNotify) is not necessary as it might not add a lot of value. However, new appointments obtained via AppointmentNotify or existing appointments imported into AppointmentNotify is what a Patient can do on a forward going basis.
In the future, if and when a Provider wishes to integrate their Appointment Management System with AppointmentNotify, the Platform would be able to automatically make existing and new appointments available in the Patient's AppointmentNotify account without any manual intervention. One of the motivations behind AppointmentNotify Platform is to encourage both Patients as well as their Providers to engage actively with each other in relation to managing their appointments. Having a standard Platform for all your Providers's appointments is the first step in this engagement process that will help Patients get a holistic view of all their appointments across all their Providers and Facilities regardless of whether they offer Patient Portals or any other interface for recording Patient appointments.
Yes. You can use AppointmentNotify as a unified repository to keep track of all your Providers and your appointments. The Platform can be used as a consolidated healthcare appointment calendar managed by you [the Patient]. The Platform will automatically send you reminder notifications for upcoming appointments based on your preferences after you have added or imported (e.g. from a supported third-party calendar) the appointments into your Platform account.
AppointmentNotify will automatically notify you if and when your Providers sign-up with the Platform which will then allow you to take actions on your appointments and communicate with your Providers in realtime (if enabled by the Providers).
AppointmentNotify lets you view the appointments and requests for appointments in either the chronological order or by Provider.
The chronological order is useful when you want to see the appointments and requests for appointments with respect to time whereas the aggregated view by Provider is useful when you want to see the appointments with a particular Provider indepedent of when the appointments occur.
The word Provider is a general term that has a contextual meaning in healthcare. Generically speaking it means the Provider of care to the patients. This could be the Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or any other healthcare Professional who is qualified to provide care to Patients. The word Provider could also mean a Medical Entity, Business or Facility where the care is provided. So, for example, a Hospital where a Patient visits a Cardiologist can be the Provider when the context is the place where the care is provided. The particular Cardiologist at that Medical Facility could also mean the Provider when the context is the person providing care.
AppointmentNotify simplifies the meaning of Provider as the Professional actually providing care to the Patient. The actual Medical Facility where the care is provided to the Patient is also important but is indicated behind the Professional Care Provider. The purpose of this simplification is to reinforce a direct and open relationship between the Patient and Patient's Providers independent of where the care is actually provided. This is vital for active engagement of both the Patient as well as his or her Providers.
A Patient, therefore, keeps track of his or her Care Providers only with the Facilities a particular Care Provider is associated with linked to that Care Provider. The Patient can then select a particular Facility when making or managing healthcare appointments with a Provider.

FAQs for Providers

Providers will typically subscribe to the AppointmentNotify service. However, our approach and philosophy is atypical as we have decided to offer this Platform for free to use by Providers for a limited time. We want to help Providers use this Platform to add value to their Practice workflow so that they could see if it helps them and their Patients. If it does then they are welcome to continue using it beyond their free trial period. Conversely, if the Providers don't find this Platform adding value to their Practice workflow then they can stop its use anytime they wish. Our intention is to seek partnership in solving a genuine pain point for Providers and Patients and we would like to understand your needs better before devising a solution to serve those needs. Providers can reach out to us anytime they feel they need our help.
Excellent question!
AppointmentNotify does not require the Provider to change their existing Practice Workflow nor the Technology they might be currently using. In fact, there is no barrier for a Provider to use this Platform whatsoever. Think of AppointmentNotify as an additional tool Providers could use to help them streamline their Practice Workflow, make their Front-Desk Staff and operations managing Patient Appointments more efficient. Reducing no-shows and late cancellations along with engaging Patients effectively by itself is a significant benefit for Providers to use this Platform.
Providers only require an internet connection and a Desktop computer or a Laptop to use the Web-enabled online version of the Platform.
There is absolutely no reason for you to hold back your urge to see if this innovation helps your Practice. It could also help you serve your Patients better and increase Patient satisfaction.
The team at AppointmentNotify designed this Platform with a goal to balance the needs of Patients with those of their Providers. This tool is meant to increase the utilization of Provider appointment capacity and reduce any empty appointment slots that would otherwise result in loss of revenue to Providers. Providers can use real-time notifications from the Platform Patient users to get advanced notice of changes in Patient circumstances and could reach a wider pool of patients seeking newly available appointments by Posting them to the Platform.
In short, AppointmentNotify is an ancillary tool to help Providers Post and Fill their empty appointment slots as and when they become available. Patients get to make use of those newly available appointments as soon they get Posted to the Platform.
Not really. There is minimal additional work and effort required for the Provider Staff to manage appointments via the AppointmentNotify Platform. This Platform is unlike a Practice Management System's Appointment Scheduling Module which typically connects to a EHR (Electronic Health Record) and other healthcare systems/devices in a typical Medical Practice.
AppointmentNotify is not meant to expose the full appointment calendar of the Doctors/Physicians in your Practice. All that remains as part of your existing Practice Workflow. Instead, AppointmentNotify works with you to fill the ad-hoc slots in your Practice Appointment Calendar by using built-in intelligence, smart notifications and enabling direct access to Patients.
Any changes in appointment status due to cancellations, rescheduling and booking will surely require a status update in your existing Practice Management System's Appointment Scheduling Module (if one exists), however, that is not additonal work as that is currently accomplished the same way by making those updates after the Practice Front-Desk Staff learns about them.
The **PERSPECTIVE** feature allows a Provider to manage appointments for multiple entities the Provider is associated with. This feature provides a unified view of all associated entities (including the Patients and Staff of those entities) and the appointments sought by Patients who seek care from Providers of those entities.
By using the **PERSPECTIVE** feature, a Provider can use the same Platform account to view and manage appointments for a different set of Patients/Providers.
For example, a Provider say: **Dr. ABC** happens to act as an independent care Provider (a Consultant) seeing patients at her own Practice say: **Dr. ABC, MD**. She finds out about the **AppointmentNotify** Platform and wants to give it a try. **Dr. ABC** registers with the Platform and logins to her Provider account.
The Platform account shows **Dr. ABC, MD** at the top once Dr. ABC logins and the **PERSPECTIVE** button on the menu bar (top left) contains the entry: **Dr. ABC, MD**. **Dr. ABC** starts managing her appointments through this new Platform and likes the ease of use and simplicity encouraging her Patients to give it a try. The patients of **Dr. ABC, MD** Practice find the Platform quite convenient for their use managing appointments and communicating with **Dr. ABC** as well allowing them more flexibility for seeking early appointments and getting auto-notified of newly available appointments.
Now assume that **Dr. ABC** is also affiliated with a Medical Practice Business say: **XYZ Medical Group** where she offers care to patients on a part-time basis. This Medical Group comprises of several Facilities and Staff and haven't yet tried the **AppointmentNotify** Platform, however, feel compelled to give it a try after **Dr. ABC** mentions good things about it. The **XYZ Medical Group** registers with the Platform to create their own Provider account and as part of setting up their Profile, adds **Dr. ABC** as a Staff member which sends a Register/Login invitation to **Dr. ABC**.
Since **Dr. ABC** already has a Platform Provider account, she gets a notification informing her that she has been added by the **XYZ Medical Group** Provider account on the **AppointmentNotify** Platform. **Dr. ABC** confirms the invitation and finds out that there is a new entry in the **PERSPECTIVE** button on the menu bar (top left) namely: **XYZ Medical Group**. By selecting this new entry,**Dr. ABC's** Platform account shows **XYZ Medical Group** at the top and **Dr. ABC** gets to see the Facilities, Staff, Appointments and Requests for her patients of the **XYZ Medical Group**.
**Dr. ABC** can switch her view from the **XYZ Medical Group** **PERSPECTIVE** to her own Practice: **Dr. ABC, MD** by simply selecting that entry in the **PERSPECTIVE** button list. She can then manage her own Practice appointments and communicate with the patients without having to manage and maintain a different system.
Meanwhile, the **XYZ Medical Group** finds the Platform quite useful for their appointments, Staff-to-Staff and Patient-to-Staff communication and decide to expand its use to all their Facilities in the geographic area of their operation serving hundreds of Patients through their Provider Network.
The AppointmentNotify Platform is a win-win situation for Patients, Providers and Medical Organizations as it streamlines their access and appointment management needs. The **PERSPECTIVE** Feature takes its benefits to new heights by providing the flexibility to Providers to associate themselves with multiple organizations through which they provide care to patients in a simple and unified way all from their single Platform Provider account.
A Setup Wizard will guide the Provider user once the user registers with the Platform. The user will need to provide basic information about the owner of the account including name and reach number along with the Provider NPI number. The National Provider Identifier or NPI is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to health care providers in the United States by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The AppointmentNotify Platform validates the NPI number to ensure only legitimate Providers register with the Platform. Depending on the size and structure of the Medical organization, a Provider registering with the Platform might need to provide the NPI number of sub-units, such as Departments, if it applies to them when adding those to their Platform Provider account.
You can but you don't need to!
The main use of the AppointmentNotify Platform is to help Providers advertise (Post) their newly available appointment slots so that patients can seek them using the Book Appointment Request action from within their Platform Patient Account. As such, this Platform was not designed to publish the full appointment calendar of all the care Providers of a particular Medical Business. Doing so would have meant trying to accomplish the same that many other healthcare service providers have attempted to offer. The team at AppointmentNotify knew they could do better than that by focusing on those appointments initially that could bring instant benefit to both the Provider as well as the Patients seeking such appointments.
Having said that, the AppointmentNotify Platform is versatile enough to allow Providers to make all their appointments integrated and made available to patients even if the Providers were not using any such system or already using a competing product or service.
The team at AppointmentNotify can customize this integration with the Platform for you by understanding your Practice's Workflow and unique needs so you get setup with least amount of hassle and overhead typically encountered when integrating or migrating to a new technology and/or system. Please drop us a note at the contact information mentioned on our website and we will be more than happy to help out with your needs.
The AppointmentNotify Platform is all about flexibility and convenience for Providers as well as their Patients. It is implicit that a Medical Business would want to try out any new Technology Platform as a Pilot first to see if actually helps them realize the benefits offered by it. The team at AppointmentNotify wants to make it easier for any Provider to add only the Facilities, Departments or other organizational sub-units (if any) as they deem necessary and use the powerful appointment management and communication features offered by this Platform to add value to their patients.
This use of the AppointmentNotify Platform would benefit a Medical Provider to incrementally test the Platform for a sub-set of its Facilities and Staff and gradually expand its use if they see value by using it.
Of course, if a Provider does like using this Platform then they can change their configuration themselves from within their Platform Provider account anytime they wish to. All we ask is our humble request to help us promote its use by spreading the product name ( and the benefits it offers to the users. That would tremendously help the team at AppointmentNotify offer value to more Patients and Providers. We thank you for doing so from the bottom of our heart!